We’re a bunch of people from the UAE who use local Flea Markets to raise funds for social causes we care about.

Flea 4 Charity was the brainchild of Luz Villamil and Jihad M’nasria who came to realise that Dubai’s monthly flea market was a great way to raise money by selling off stuff they didn’t have much need for.¬†In March 2011, with only a few odd items gathered from their own houses at their stall, Flea 4 Charity was born. The cause: Libya.¬†Thousands of displaced Libyans in a country at the brink of a civil war were immobilised at refugee camps at the Libyan-Egyptian border. Teaming up with the Tawasil Foundation, we managed to raise AED 10,000 ($2,700) in two months.

Our second cause had a local focus. In the months of June and July, we raised money to finance iftar for labourers that would be distributed throughout the Holy Month of Ramadan in August. With AED 15,200 ($4,130) in our pockets and the help of Adopt-a-Camp and Karama Kanteen, we’ll be feeding over a thousand of the country’s hardest working men.

It was then that the charity gained momentum. With a fabulous team of volunteers who helped spread the word through social media channels and organised collection drives around the country, Flea 4 Charity began to get donations by the truck load and in one night, we raised AED 18,000 ($4,900) for famine-stricken Somalia. All funds will go towards The Red Crescent to help those in East Africa.

So join us on Facebook and Twitter to get more information on how you can help.

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