Tonight we had Salvador Dali prints, vintage couture, sound systems, literature, genuine crystal home accessories and insane amounts of energy.

This flea market, we procured five tables and each sold different kinds of items: kids’ stuff and games, electronics, jewelry, books, and home accessories ranging from AED 5 to AED 70. We also had four clothes racks AND dozens of bargain boxes of assorted garments, shoes, jeans and handbags. Our resident band went through great lengths to attract as much attention to our tables as possible, and it worked. Being tone deaf and playing the tambourine, I’m pretty sure I did more harm than good but that was quickly rectified when another one of the volunteers kindly relieved me of my post as the crazy tambourine lady.

We also had two amazing photographers who documented the whole experience just so you don’t feel like you’ve missed out. The pictures should be up by the morning, but for now, feast your eyes on our amazing team of volunteers:

Well, ‘what’s the final figure?’ you ask?

We raised more than 19,000 ($5,173) tonight!

This brings our total funds for Somalia and East Africa to AED 45,150 ($12,293), and the number’s still rising. I just received calls from friends saying that they want to donate more!

We’d like to thank EVERYONE who dropped by, bought stuff, volunteered, bought us food and water, donated, transported boxes, did heavy lifting and helped get the word out. You are truly awesome. Onwards and upwards!

Pic credit: Faisal Khatib

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