Al Marakeb is holding a Football Fundraiser on Thursday October 20 and ¬†Friday October 21. All proceeds will go to the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund – a non political, non profit organisation that addresses the medical and humanitarian crises faced by the children of Palestine everyday.

Teams of 5-7 players will be pit against each other and it only costs AED 100 ($27) per player to join!

What we need:
They’re currently in the process of selecting football players and teams to participate in the event.
In addition, Al Marakeb is also on the lookout for sponsors [fixed rate + publicity].

If you’re interested please e-mail


  • Food and Beverages will be provided at the event
  • Tickets are sold at 100 AED per player.
  • Tickets need to be purchased [and paid for] before the first day of the event
  • This is a non-profit event, and proceeds will be donated to a reputable charity [Palestinian Children Relief Fund]
  • A donation collection box will be available on the day of the event should anyone like to make extra contributions
  • All teams need to be present on the first day of the event. Those who qualify for the 2nd round will compete for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place on the second day, Friday 21st October.
  • This event will be publicized on the internet and in print. Companies/ individuals interested in sponsoring the event pay a fixed fee of AED 1,000 ($272) and will receive advertising space at the event [if we receive your payment during the week commencing 24th Sep, your logo will also appear on the event tickets]

This is a friendly competition for a worthy cause. We expect all teams and players to display good sportsmanship. Any conduct deemed unacceptable by the judging panel will disqualify the whole team from the event.
Spread the word among your friends, co-workers and so on! Thank you for supporting us!

The Flea 4 Charity Team

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