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It’s that special time of the year again! Flea 4 Charity is hosting our annual Eid event for orphan and needy children from Al Hemam Institute on November 10th. This is the 5th event we do  an Eid event with the kids where we take them on a day out of fun, games and activities.

This year is extra special because we are doing the event with the support of international environmental organization 350’s UAE chapter. We will teach the kids how to re-use and recycle materials and we’ll have face painting, characters, animation and so much more!

We will have roughly 90 kids down at Safa Park, the money we collect goes towards the children’s gifts and Eidiyas as well as a donation to the center to cover their costs and needs.

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We are accepting cash donations and the event will happen on November 10th at Safa Park at roughly 2 p.m – Gate 2

We are hoping you can come down, volunteer your time and have a fantastic day with the kids!For any questions or inquiries please contact Luz (050 9891461), Jihad (050 1622716) or Khadra (056 6902612).

*Registration form  http://j.mp/VLUFYh

Much Love!

The Flea 4 Charity team

Organized by:
Flea 4 Charity


350 UAE


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Luz Villamil: @luzsalemv
Jihad M’nasria: @JihadM
Khadra Hayati: @khadrahayati

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