We would like to thank all the wonderful souls that joined us on Saturday 10.11.12 🙂 The children from Al Hemam Institute enjoyed their time & this would’ve not happened without you guys.. We are very thankful for your efforts, time, contributions.. etc. May we never be deprived from your kindness & generosity.. We hope that you had a good time as well & hope to see you all in our upcoming events.. Please do share with us ideas for upcoming events or suggestions to improve & do better for a cause 🙂

Special thanks goes to AYCM350_UAE & GreenMapUAE for joining us & we were honored to be part of the regional day of action that took place in more than 13 Arab countries to call on leadership towards positive change & serious action about climate change in preparation for COP18 that will be taking place in Doha by the end of this month..


Check out the photos by the awesome Abir & LlyssaPhotos Album 1 Photo Album 2

Much love & appreciation..

Luz, Khadra & Jihad <3

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