On Monday night (December 23rd 2013), we gathered at a volunteer’s home in Al Warqaa for the final round of sorting to send all the donations we recieved after Saturday’s event to the Red Crescent.

In the 2 days following our last event, we again recieved thousands of articles of clothing and hundreds of brand new thermal blankets! Within a few hours, our army of 30+ volunteers helped us sort and pack all the donated items which we managed to transport to the Red Crescent in only 3 trips thanks again to the transportation provided by our friends at Sebsports.

Many more items, including hundreds of blankets from Sharjah and 2 pickup trucks full of clothing from Abu Dhabi are scheduled to be dropped off directly to the Red Crescent.

As the #GiveSyria campaign is wrapping up, we can’t help but thank the hundreds of people that helped us in big and small ways over the past 10 days and allowed us to reach our goal of helping those less fortunate than us. We hope our efforts made a positive difference in their lives. All we want to know is that we provided warmth in some way to the Syrian refugees that were suffering from the cold.

With Love,

The Flea4Charity Team

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