Breathing Numbers

When we heard about the amazing cause Breathing Numbers we knew we had to help them in some way. The idea of how to help them came from one of our athlete friends Manal Rostom, who decided to run 42.2 KM in the Dubai Marathon to raise money for Breathing Numbers.

Ahmad Ramadan, being the amazing athlete and competitor he is, wouldn’t let Manal take on this challenge on her own (especially since it was related to his home country Syria), so they decided to both run for Breathing Numbers.

We setup an online crowd-funding page to support them, and managed to raise $2399 in 2 and a half weeks!

Run For Syria

To all of the people that donated we are extremely grateful. The amount we raised is enough to buy a caravan for a family in the Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan.

Zaatari Caravan

Of course Manal and Ahmad managed to successfully complete their 42.2 KM runs (you can check out the videos on our facebook page!). It was a difficult task, but thanks to the support they got from Fabien – International Sports Expertise, Dr. Vanda Corbett, Aaron Depledge, SpartanAD, all of our volunteersand all of our friends, they were able to have a successful run.

You can check out Breathing Numbers and all of the great work they are doing by following them online:

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