What does it take to do a good deed? For a group of friends, it came in the form of an inspiration to do something different on Mother’s Day. It started as an idea in a What’s App group on Wednesday, by Thursday hundreds of dirhams worth of soap, shampoo, dental hygiene products, and toiletries were collected & packaged, and by Friday more than 600 female labor workers were given gifts on Mother’s Day to remind them that a whole community of people care about them, even if it seems like no one else does.

Women's Labor Camp
Women’s Labor Camp

After distributing the items to the female labor workers in Al Quoz, members of Flea 4 Charity, the Egyptian Ladies Association and the Egyptian Community in Dubai then got together to pay a visit to our friends at the Old People’s Home in Sharjah.

Old People's Home
Old People’s Home

It was an amazing day as part of our #ActOfSalam campaign. We’re very grateful to the dozens of volunteers that helped make this day possible. You are truly an inspiration that reminds us of the amazing human spirit that connects us all.


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